Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Premonition 13: new stoner rock project

A 7" Single available now via Volcom

Full length this summer

Residual Echos Video

playing with these cats recently

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Summer News: Casual Acid Tea, Premonition, Bongladesh, Etc.

This week I'll be issuing my first release from my own Casual Acid Tea Recordings.
The CD-R release is a sampler of several archival recordings from the past years. I play drums on all the material.  The sampler is 5 tracks and is mostly improvised.  Three are live recordings and two are studio excerpts of other records I plan to re-issue.  The bands include Matthew Clark Quartet, CSC Funk Band, Galactic Core, Bongladesh, and 2012 Love Orchestra.  (more on Bongladesh in this post later)


I have begun a new project with Wino, the Doom guitarist from St. Vitus, the Obsessed, Shrinebuilder, etc.  The band is called Premonition and also features Jim Karow.  We'll be touring Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands from September 3rd to 20th.  Wino is touring in support of his new album "Adrift" and invited the whole band to debut our sounds with him.

We have just recorded a single for the Volcom label which is slated to be released in February 2011.  Volcom releases six 7" vinyl releases annually as a subscription service and we are honored to contribute.  The tracks were recorded by Brian McKinley of RTX at his studio in Orange Co., CA and sound amazing.


Bongladesh recorded one song ever, in our practice space in Brooklyn, with the concept of making a video and releasing our 20 minute opus as a DVD.  After years of gestation and effort the DVD is finally ready for release, and I'll be releasing it on Casual Acid Tea.  The video is mainly flash animation done by Sara Shapouri, and also incorporates green screen video, live footage, and assorted other video clips.
This should be available in the next two weeks.