Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exciting New Shows: Sonic Mayhem Abounds

Ostinato, Witch, Earthless @ DC 9 on Thursday February 26th $10 ------ 9 pm sharp

I just got word this morning that Ostinato will be opening for Witch in Washington, DC. on February 26th. Witch is a fantastic stoner metal band featuring J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. on drums. It is an honor to play with such an inspiring and high caliber band as well as having a chance to share the stage with one of the heros of my stoned adolescent musical awakening.
Our first and likely last Obama-Enthroned DC gig.

Ostinato, Kocho Bi-Sexual and Obi Best @ Union Pool Brooklyn NY on Saturday, February 21st.

Also very exciting is this other currently booked Ostinato U.S. date. Kocho is amazing, tender, weird, floral and danceable, and perhaps even a bit dark. This will oddly be our first and likely last appearance in Brooklyn and hopefully our best showing in NYC. Our last NYC gig at the Cakeshop years ago sucked because the soundguy was nodding out on heroin and ran our whole mix thru a giant vortex of reverb and washiness. As if we don't supply enough of that already.

Bongladesh, Talibam!, Miami Nights, Hard Nips and more @ Death By Audio Brooklyn NY March 1st "year of our lord please help us" $5 or so

This is gonna be a beautiful mess. Our very precocious friend Heidi coaxed Bongladesh out of hibernation. We are playing her Birthday bash with a ton of other rad bands. We swear our next show will be a Stoner Metal Festival on another continent.

Blisstrain Roadshow: March 6 to March 15 Ostinato with Bulbul, We Insist!, Beehover, & the Antikaroshi...Germany mostly...Switzerland and Holland a bit

As a show of solidarity and a celebration of teamwork we'll be showcased with 4 other bands from our excellent German record label: Exile on Mainstream Records, in the format of a travelling roadshow. All bands will collaborate with each other to some extent. We are excited for what these awesome folks can do to fill out or live sound with more layers and waves. See the EOM website or our Myspace page for full schedule.

One Final Awesome Show: Ostinato @ Conne Island, Leipzig with Diario and Bulbul. March 16!!!

Diario are our homeboys. Nicest guys ever and one hell of an amazing band. We love Leipzig. We have played some really great shows there. Conne Island rules! Bring your skateboard, rollerskates or fruitboots for the ramps out back. Bulbul will shred too, on their way home to Vienna.